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Restore Your Vaginal Health With Laser Treatment

Restore Your Vaginal Health With Laser Treatment

Many women mistakenly assume that unless they’re willing to undergo surgery or hormone treatment, there’s not much they can do about the loss of vaginal tone and its accompanying symptoms. 

However, advances in laser technology offer a quick, safe, nonsurgical solution to restoring vaginal health by enhancing your body’s natural cellular repair and tissue-rebuilding process.

Orange Coast Dermatology, with offices in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange, and Mission Viejo, California, provides top-level dermatologic care and cosmetic services to people interested in healthy, beautiful skin. 

OB/GYN specialist Dr. Viken Melkonian is an Orange Coast team member and preferred provider of V-Lase® laser therapy. Read what Dr. Melkonian says about the benefits of restoring vaginal health with advanced laser technology.

Understanding vaginal health

Vaginal childbirth, menopause, and sometimes genetics can reduce the tone, tightness, and overall health of the vaginal canal, resulting in symptoms such as:

Declines in vaginal health can also cause social embarrassment, a loss of confidence, reduced self-esteem, and difficulties in intimate relationships.

How does laser therapy restore vaginal health?

Dr. Melkonian favors the V-Lase system for rejuvenating vaginal tissue. This innovative platform uses advanced CO2 laser technology to deliver controlled warmth to the upper tissue layers, causing the underlying layers to produce more collagen.

Increased collagen levels improve vaginal health by stimulating the tissue to firm and tighten. This action also restores lubrication, increases sensation, and reduces symptoms such as excessive dryness, irritation, and stress urinary incontinence.

Are vaginal laser treatments safe?

Safety features built into the V-Lase platform prevent excessive thermal damage. You may notice mild tenderness afterward that usually resolves within 24 hours. Other than refraining from intercourse or inserting tampons for 3-5 days, there’s no downtime required after a session.

However, lasers are powerful and can cause significant damage when untrained individuals administer treatments. Thus, Dr. Melkonian recommends that you undergo vaginal laser treatments by a trained medical professional.

Otherwise, compared to vaginal rejuvenation surgery, laser treatments carry fewer side effects, and results are long-lasting. However, you may need several treatment sessions to achieve optimal results.

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