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BodyFX & MiniFX


BodyFX treatments target problematic fatty tissues for ideal body contouring.

  • Radio-Frequency provides precise and optimal heating of the skin for reduction, contraction and body shaping

  • Negative Pressure Massage applies gentle vacuum pressure allowing for maximal depth treatment

  • Clinical studies show 30% adipocyte (fat cell) apoptosis at a 2.5 cm depth and new collagen synthesis (neocollagenesis) of 13.7%
    • Apoptosis: Apoptosis is a process of programmed cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms.

  • Research indicates a direct correlation between new collagen synthesis and skin tightening


  • Acquire. Control. Extend. Technology to safely optimize peak energy.

  • Preheating of tissue reduces the threshold for selective apoptosis of fat cells.

  • Sophisticated tissue temperature and impedance monitoring achieve and maintains optimal temperature endpoints to prevent atrophic damage.

  • Active temperature monitoring and control with cutoffs for unprecedented safety virtually eliminating risk of thermal injury.

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