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Laser Hair Removal


Unlike rival devices, the Apogee Elite contains not one, but two laser systems. And what’s more, the Apogee Elite combines a state-of-the-art device that uses cool air to further reduce any discomfort. There’s nothing the Apogee Elite can’t do. By providing two different wavelengths, the Apogee Elite laser can be used to treat even the most stubborn cases, including clients with darker skin and coarse hair. And it does so without causing undue pain or unpleasant skin changes and scarring.

Cynosure’s Apogee Elite laser ensures you’ll stay comfortable during your laser hair removal session. It does so through its patented SmartCool system. This system uses a “double cooling” technique which employs the body’s natural cooling process in conjunction with a specifically engineered external cooling system. The SmartCool system works together with the laser to minimize client discomfort during treatment.

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