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Is BotoxⓇ Right for Me?

Is BotoxⓇ Right for Me?

If you’re interested in receiving a treatment that reliably reduces the signs of aging, you’ve probably heard of Botox®. As you consider which procedures will work best to help you maintain your youthful appearance, you’re probably wondering if Botox is the right choice.

Here at Orange Coast Dermatology our team of practitioners helps women and men ward off signs of aging with Botox and other carefully selected, convenient, safe anti-aging treatments. Here are the signs that Botox injections are right for you.

You want to reduce the appearance of facial fine lines

Botox works to halt wrinkles in their tracks by temporarily stopping the movements of nonessential facial muscles, which prevents them from creating the appearance of wrinkles. The drug that causes this effect is a neuromodulator, botulinum toxin.

The treatment is FDA-approved to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines, so it’s especially effective if these lines are the primary concerns you have about our appearance. Our practitioners can also use Botox to reduce the appearance of any wrinkles by your mouth, neckbands, and chin dimples.

When you have your initial consultation with our Orange Coast Dermatology team members, they determine if Botox injections, or Botox in combination with other procedures, will meet your aesthetic goals and lifestyle needs. Our team might also recommend other convenient anti-aging treatments in addition to or instead of Botox.

You’re looking for a non-invasive procedure that fits into your lifestyle

Getting Botox easily fits into the lifestyle of most busy, active adults. Once our team has determined in consultation with you that Botox fits your needs, the injections themselves take only 10 minutes.

Botox injections are significantly less invasive than anti-aging surgeries like face-lifts, and Botox doesn’t require any recovery time, so you won’t need to miss a thing. Your injections are painless, safe, and offer natural results that enhance your appearance within two weeks.

When you notice the results from your injection starting to wear off, which happens up to six months afterward, you can come back to our office for maintenance injections.

You’re a healthy adult between 18 and 65 years old

We usually recommend Botox injections to you if you’re an 18-65-year-old man or woman in good overall health, and Botox treatments meet your desired beauty outcomes. If you’re allergic to any of the ingredients in Botox, we’ll recommend another treatment as an alternative.

You need to temporarily postpone Botox if you have a rash or other skin condition near the area of treatment, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or took any medication that thins your blood in the days before your injection.

Contact us today for a Botox consultation

If you’re not sure if Botox is a good fit for your personal needs, our experienced Orange Coast Dermatology practitioners can help. Our team members listen carefully to you and make a full anti-aging routine recommendation based on your medical history and the aging concerns you have.

To make an appointment to discuss Botox with our team, schedule your consultation online or by phone today.

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