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Rev Up Your Sex Life With Vaginal Revitalization

Rev Up Your Sex Life With Vaginal Revitalization

Unfortunately, many women experiencing symptoms of vaginal atrophy suffer in silence. Age-related changes in vaginal tissue can have a range of negative effects on your sexual health. Additionally, weakened pelvic muscles can cause urinary leakage. 

Our team of cosmetic dermatology physicians at Orange Coast Dermatology, with offices in Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, and Orange, California, offers V-Lase laser vaginal rejuvenation to restore the integrity of vaginal tissues and help with vaginal dryness, atrophy, urinary stress incontinence, and painful intercourse. This treatment can also improve the laxity of vaginal tissues after vaginal childbirth. 

Here’s what you need to know about laser vaginal revitalization.

How vaginal atrophy impacts sex life

Vaginal atrophy is characterized by thinner vaginal walls, which commonly occurs as a result of decreasing estrogen levels after menopause. Although it may not appear to be an issue at first, shrinkage, dry vaginal tissue, and thinner vaginal walls cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, including pain during sex, vaginal itching, and an increased risk of urinary tract infections.

All of these symptoms point to the same source: collagen loss in your vaginal walls and decreased lubrication. That is precisely the issue that vaginal revitalization addresses.

Revitalize your sex life

Though vaginal regeneration can encompass both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, we offer nonsurgical vaginal revitalization using the V-Lase system. This treatment uses non-ablative CO2 laser energy to stimulate collagen synthesis, improve vaginal lubrication, and alleviate vaginal dryness.

Your Orange Coast Dermatology provider inserts a handheld device into your vagina during your V-Lase therapy, where the tissues are gently heated to stimulate collagen production. Your vaginal tissue grows stronger and plumper as collagen production increases.

The V-Lase system improves sexual health in the following ways:

Radiofrequency energy therapies can help minimize incontinence by strengthening the vaginal walls. This, too, can improve your sex life by reducing the fear of embarrassing leaks.

The V-Lase difference

Choosing V-Lase means taking care of your body by alleviating symptoms so that they don’t lower your quality of life.

V-Lase is a non-invasive treatment that addresses the demands of women by taking into account the body's changes as tissues age and undergo hormonal fluctuations. V-Lase is based on a non-ablative photothermal effect that solves a variety of conditions and is the safest treatment available. Advantages include:

These advantages make V-Lase an excellent alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Restoring sexual health

V-Lase is a simple and quick procedure that you can get on your lunch break. Contact us today to learn more about laser vaginal rejuvenation by calling our nearest clinic or sending your booking request through our website. We have a location in Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, and Orange, California. 

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