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What to Do About a Bothersome Double Chin

A double chin, clinically referred to as submental fat, isn’t a desirable facial characteristic. It can make you look older and heavier than you are. Double chins are often resistant to weight loss, leaving you with a round, full face even if your body is slim and strong.

If you’re unhappy with your double chin, you don’t have to live with it anymore. Kybella® is an innovative injectable treatment that dissolves the submental fat under your chin. Here at Orange Coast Dermatology in Rancho Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo, California, our team of experts offers Kybella treatments and a wide range of dermatology and cosmetic services to help you look your best. 

How Kybella works 

FDA-approved Kybella uses a safe and synthetic form of deoxycholic acid to destroy the fat cells beneath your chin. Deoxycholic acid is a naturally occurring acid in your digestive system that breaks down the fats you consume. Kybella harnesses this ability to break down the fat cells under your chin. Your body flushes the damaged cells out of your body with other waste products. 

While you might notice an improvement in your appearance after one treatment, most of our patients have a series of three Kybella treatments to get the best results. Need more convincing? Kybella is permanent. Once your fat cells are destroyed, they’re gone for good. You don’t need to keep coming back for touch-ups or upkeep. 

What to expect during a Kybella treatment

Even if you don’t mind needles, the idea of having facial injections can be a little daunting. Fortunately, most patients report that Kybella treatments are slightly uncomfortable but not painful.

Rest assured, our team at Orange Coast Dermatology has performed hundreds of Kybella treatments. In addition to having gentle and practiced hands, we also offer topical anesthetics to ensure your comfort during the injections. You can also take ibuprofen or Tylenol an hour before your treatment to minimize discomfort. Talk to your provider if you have any concerns before your treatment. 

We also customize your treatment to address your specific needs. For example, depending on the volume of fat you have under your chin, we may use two to three vials of Kybella each visit. Your appointment should last between 30-45 minutes. 

You typically wait for six weeks between treatments. This gives the Kybella time to work and your body time to flush out the damaged fat cells. As we progress through your treatment and your double chin tightens and recedes, we can further tailor your treatment to target any remaining submental fat or loose skin. 

Taking care of your skin after Kybella

You don’t need to take any time off after a Kybella treatment. Most patients get back to their regular activities immediately after their injections. We recommend avoiding exercise or strenuous physical activities for 24 hours following your injections. 

You might have some mild swelling or bruising after your injections, but this usually subsides within a few days. You can manage any swelling by applying an ice pack for 3-5 minutes every hour or so. Limiting your intake of salty foods can also help minimize swelling. Arnica gel can speed up bruise fading, and you can apply makeup after a Kybella treatment to even out your skin tone. 

Say goodbye to your double chin

You don’t have to feel self-conscious about your double chin anymore. Kybella treatments can give your self-esteem a boost, helping you feel confident at work, school, or social activities.

Call our office or schedule a consultation online today to find out if Kybella is the best treatment to get rid of your double chin and enhance your appearance. 

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