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Where You Can Remove Hair

 Where You Can Remove Hair

Removing unwanted hair from your face or body is a constant, Sisyphean task: Almost as soon as you’ve finished shaving or tweezing, or even waxing, it’s time to start again. Laser hair removal gives you back the hours you would’ve wasted with razors, depilatories, and spa sessions.

At Orange Coast Dermatology — with locations in Rancho Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo, California — we want to free up your time and smooth out your skin. That’s why our expert team of dermatologists and aestheticians offer laser hair removal with DIOLAZE™ laser by InMode®.

Where can you transform unwanted fuzz, stubble, and fur into smooth, silky skin? Almost anywhere you want to; here’s how.

Get a baby-smooth face

Unwanted facial hair may make your skin feel rough and makes make-up difficult to apply if you wear it. If you have curly hairs on your face, you might also be at risk for painful ingrown hairs.

The Diolaze is a safe, gentle laser that has a built-in cooling surface to keep even your most delicate skin comfortable during your hair removal treatment. Many women and men opt to stop bleaching, tweezing, or shaving to attain a smooth, hair-free:

Laser hair removal works best on mature hairs and won’t be effective on pale facial peach fuzz.

Have silky legs every day

You know how luscious and silky your legs feel directly after your waxing, electrolysis, or depilatory session. But you also know that smooth, stub-free feeling is fleeting.

After your laser-removal sessions are complete, your legs are silky smooth and attractive every day -- no more nicks from razors or bumps from aggressive waxing. Your legs are ready to go from morning until night.

Wear the teeniest bikinis or trunks

The Diolaze is gentle enough to treat the bikini area. After your treatment, you don’t have to worry about pesky hairs sneaking out from your fashionable bathing suit or lingerie. 

We can treat the entire bikini area or create a Brazilian-type “waxing.” Your choice.

Have hair-free arms and trunk, too

If you’re bothered by a hairy back, furry arms, or would like a smooth abdomen and pecs, we can do that, too. The Diolaze has a larger-than-average treatment area so that we can more easily and quickly eliminate hairs on larger areas of your body, too.

We can even treat your armpits -- no more tender pits from harsh razors: just smooth, silky skin that’s irritant-free. 

Do one area, or do them all

You decide where you want to permanently eliminate your hair to make your life easier and your skin smoother. We can treat both facial areas and body areas in one treatment session. 

Laser hair removal is done as a series

The one caveat for laser hair removal is that it’s not a one-and-done procedure. Each of the hairs on your face and body grows at a different rate. 

Lasers work best when they catch mature hairs early in their growth cycle, known as the anagen phase. During this growth stage, the hair is mature, but it’s still attached to the papilla, the knob-like root at the bottom of the follicle (i.e., the pore where your hair grows). 

The laser’s energy is directed to the concentrated pigment in the papilla. When the laser heats up and destroys the papilla, it also alters the structure of the follicle itself. 

The damaged follicle can no longer grow new hairs. Once the targeted hair falls out, another one can’t replace it or, if the follicle still works, the resulting hair will be lighter and finer.

Of course, your hairs are never all in the anagen phase at once. That’s why you must return for 4-6 laser hair removal sessions. Once we target the majority of your hairs, you’ll be about 85-90% hair-free. 

Some of the hairs may grow back over time, though they should be silkier and less noticeable. We recommend follow-up laser treatments about once every year or two. 

Are all the laser-hair removal sessions worth it? The vast majority of RealSelf laser hair removal reviewers say, “Yes!” 

Free up your schedule and get the smooth, hair-free skin of your dreams by booking a laser hair removal session today. Call us during office hours or book an appointment online at your convenience.

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